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The Roman Republic and Founding Fathers
About the book

Beginning as a monarchy by the River Tiber, on a far-flung and unassuming frontier of the Hellenic world, the civilization of Rome was rethought as a republic and grew into antiquity’s most remarkable testament to individual ingenuity and intergenerational accomplishment. By her institutions, language, wars, and philosophy, Rome under the Republic mesmerized Western civilization forever.

The Roman Republic and Founding Fathers traces the story of the Roman state from its origins as a kingdom to its rise and fall as a republic. Explore how the speeches and minds of the Roman Senate influenced the American Founding Fathers during and after the Revolutionary War. Why did George Washington model his career on that of an ancient Roman patrician? Why did James Madison want the Constitution to incorporate elements of democracy, aristocracy, and monarchy? Why did John Adams study Latin works in his free time? Questions like these are thoroughly investigated.

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